A Sex Robot With A Scottish Accent Is Giving People Pause [Video]


American artificial intelligence (AI) company Realbotix is in an … odd position since an old video of one of its “sex robots” speaking in a Scottish accent has gone viral overnight.

The realistic-looking robotic companion had been programmed with what her creator describes as a “Glasgow Uni accent”, Mirror reported.

We can only imagine that natives of the Scottish city are none too thrilled.

A Twitter video captioned “The first sex bots are about to hit the market” shows the doll’s creator, Matt McMullen, demonstrating how Harmony 2.1 responds to vocal cues in a 2017 showcase.

Get a load of this:

Now, people’s interest in the sex-tech industry has been reignited, with the bizarre video sparking debates about the ethics of so-called ‘sexbots’ in particular, and AI in general.

Advances in AI technology are consistently controversial, with outspoken critics like tech-megalith Elon Musk warning us that we’re in over our heads, per Washington Post:

“With AI, we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there’s a guy with the pentagram and holy water, it’s like yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.”

But for many viewers of this old video clip, it’s Harmony’s distinctive dialect that’s got them befuddled.

Twitter users are all but grappling out loud over why an American-built sexbot would be programmed to sound so much like…Shrek.


You can read the full article from the source HERE.

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