Emergence of Sexbots and Customized Sexual Experiences Across Sextech Industry

by Smriti Srivastava

December 30, 2019

Since Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to a robot known as Sophia in 2017 and she became the world’s first robot citizen, the robotic industry has advanced in other fields as well where artificial humans can be used in productive ways. Even in the world of human-machine intimacy, certain quantum leaps have taken the industry by a boom. In fact, Harmony by RealDoll is among the most evolved sexbots which can blink, move its head, have conversations and comes with self-learning software that remembers earlier encounters and conversations to offer better companionships.

Such bots are customizable and offer a choice of 10 personality types including sexy, funny, angry and certain others. With the advancements pacing at this rate we can expect them to become more evolved, sophisticated and human-like.


More about SexTech Market

Sextech is any technology that has been curated to enhance the human sexual experience and disrupts the way sex is viewed, accessed and enjoyed like never before. However, the industry is still marginalized yet the market is growing at a significant rate. Reportedly, the sextech industry has been valued at US$30 billion and is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 30 percent. The industry has seen growth in such companies that are keeping their prejudices aside to embrace sextech in order to offer some innovation in sexbots and other lines of products. Also, this market is expected to continue to grow and reach the worth of US$122 billion by 2026.

The industry is also viewed as a recession-proof market as regardless of the economic situations, people will always experience sexual desire and innovate their sexuality on a personal level.


Technology and Intimacy

The industry is buzzing with the rising voice of IoB technology. IoB stands for the Internet of Bodies which is basically the Internet of Things (IoT) implanted in the human body. While telepresence is bridging physical distances in a virtual ecosystem, remote intimacy technologies or teledildonics or sexbots are emerging companion to partners separated by distance. Moreover, the industry experts are exploring the new arena of immersive sex content and virtual reality pornography.

Even the prostitution which is considered as the world’s oldest profession is being disrupted by new-age technologies. In several parts of the world including the UK and Canada, brothels are offering sex dolls to customers.
At a digital level, more digitized versions of cyber love and cyber-sex lives (digisexuals) are expected to become an important classification. People can also expect the emergence of a whole new line of products, services, and middlemen such as sexbots counselors.

The innovative and distinguishing features of AI-in-built sex dolls or sexbots will potentially increase intimate connectivity. The ability of sexbots is expected to become more thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating and physically interactive in the future. Also, the mysterious element between the human-machine intimacy through AI and robotics could become more exciting.

However, the orgasmic growth in this industry has raised concerned over change in human nature and how he will nurture emotional alliances with e-individuals. The negative issue could also flourish when people will get used to made-to-order, ever-consenting sex robots which are fears of misogynistic objectification.

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