New Sexbots Can Turn You Down If You Can’t Turn Them On

Thinking about getting a sex doll to fulfil your needs whenever you so desire? Well, think again because soon they’re going to be able to turn you down.

The robots, which are being worked on by Dr Sergi Santos, the Spanish creator of sexbot Samantha, will be fitted with a ‘dummy mode’ that will be switched on in a number of circumstances, including if she feels like she’s being touched in a harmful or disrespectful way.

And that’s not all. The bots will also be fitted with an unresponsive mode, so you’ll have to turn her on in more ways than one because if she gets bored, she’ll literally switch off. No pressure.

Treat her right, though, and she’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear and let you pick the setting, whether that’s “family”, “romantic” or “extra naughty”.

The Samantha sexbot demonstrated her ability to say no at an event held at Life Science Centre in Newcastle, one of the UK’s leading science villages.

Credit: Barcroft Images

Want to know how it works?

The bots have hidden sensors fitted under the skin, which enable them to respond to affection like a human, while a micro-computer inside their skull lets them remember previous encounters with past ‘lovers’ to enhance future sexual experiences.

Dr Santos worked on the new prototype with his wife of 16 years, Maritsa Kissamitaki, who says she has no problems with her husband using the dolls.

He even reckons the dolls saved his marriage and claims that he uses the bots when his wife isn’t really feeling it.

Credit: Barcroft Images
Credit: Barcroft Images

He said: “A man wants to feel in general that the woman is desperate to have sex with him.

“And if a man feels like the woman will not fully enjoy it, most men do not like sex. So, if I have the doll, I’ll not divorce because of sex.”

He also said he’d feel jealous if his wife was to sleep with a male version of the sexbot. That’s not double standards at all, is it?

However, the new and improved self-assured bots haven’t gone down well with some, including Professor Kathleen Richardson, founder of The Campaign Against Sex Robots.

She said: “This development is just an extension of pornography and prostitution and a waste of money which could be spent on better things.”

It’s not all bad press, though. One expert thinks the robots will be bought by hundreds of people in the UK within a year of their release.

Dr Kate Devlin, speaking at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in April, said: “These robots will be bought by people who have a fetish but also by people who have a relationship but their partner is not willing or able to have sex with them. They will also be popular with single people seeking companionship.”

The robot is expected to go into production soon, and for a hefty price of £3,600 ($4,700), you’ll get an up-for-it robot with motorised hips and hands and various settings.

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