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This is your competition, humans.

I’ve tried not to think about it.

However, the increased incursion of robotics into every part of human existence has made my feelings spill over toward the negative. It all seems so unnatural.

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They tell me robot sex will become commonplace — and, who knows, even the norm.

This might create pleasure for some. For others, though, it could negatively affect business.

Why, I’ve just been confronted with a press release entitled: “Brothel Responds to Sex Robot Craze With ‘Brunette Barbie’ Sentient Sex Doll.”

Could it be that a brothel is creating its own sexbots, designed to satisfy the particular predilections of its customers?

I read on, in anticipation of imminent angst or even pain.

It turned out this breathtaking news came from the famous Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada.

It was depressingly humanistic news. Sheri’s Ranch has just added Sybil Stallone to its roster.

Her virtues include that she has allegedly spent $500,000 on plastic surgeries that have “transformed her into a ‘Brunette Barbie’ living sex doll.”

I reached for a handkerchief. To weep, you understand.

Here was a human, conscious of the rise of the robots, whose solution is to turn herself into a human bot.

Stallone is proud of her scientific achievement. She said: “In our modern age of virtual reality, teledildonics and sex robots, sex buyers are constantly looking for a more unique experience. Through my enhancements, I offer my lovers something that transcends human, better than anything you could get with a sex robot or most other women.”

I could surely have heard similar words from the Singularity people. They’ve been wanting to transcend the human condition for a very long time.

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Can it really be, though, that the only way to fight back against sexbots is to become one?

Just as artificial intelligence will soon become more valuable than human intelligence, will we now enter a phase where artificial bodies are preferable to real ones?

I know we’ve been creeping that way for a while — I have several friends who swear by their Botox practitioners — but it’s a quaint view of perfection.

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A perfection defined by systematized data is now deemed preferable to a more natural perfection defined by the messages our own senses transmit to our inner selves.

Won’t the result be that humans all have the same definition of pulchritude and perfection?

The future sounds very dull indeed. A little like a sexbot, to be honest.

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