Old Clip Of Sexbot Resurfaces And Goes Viral Due To ‘Glaswegian’ Accent – B&T

A clip from 2017 of an artificial human designed for human companionship has suddenly come back to the spotlight, with Twitter users focusing on the robot’s distinct Scottish accent.

During the clip, the Realbotix CEO Matt McCullen showcased the company’s latest creation (at the time), the sexbot Harmony 2.1, giving viewers a walkthrough of all its functions and operations.

The five-year-old clip was resurfaced by popular pop culture blog page Barstool Sports, but it wasn’t long until the online community took notice and jumped in to share their emotions of the sexbot’s accent.

“Put the sex robot with the Scottish accent into the Love Island villa,” one user demanded, referencing the hit UK reality TV show.

“Why’d they give her that accent? The next train at platform 1 will be – the – 12.15 – to – Glasgow Central,” said another.

Of course, most of the tweets regarding the topic went way beyond the point of being considered “child-friendly”, which makes sense keeping in mind that they were about a robot which was made specifically to pleasure humans.

On a side (sad) note, the sexbot industry is considered to be booming, with its worth estimated at over $30 billion in 2019.

The pandemic was one of the main reasons behind this sudden rise in popularity, as companies recorded an increase of up to 125 percent in website visitation during the lockdown period.

The technology used in human companion AI is extremely progressive, with 2022 sexbot models capable of displaying a variety of emotions such as shyness, kindness, jealousy and humour.

Which is what makes them so unaffordable, as a single sexbot is considered to be worth somewhere around $5 to $15,000.

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