World’s first sex robot has been given a Scottish accent and people are baffled

The video, titled ‘the first sex robots are about to hit the market’, shows CEO Matt McMullen of Realbotix talking would-be customers through the functions of Harmony 2.1

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Sex robot Harmony speaks with Scottish accent in 2019

People have been baffled after a sex robot made by an US company speaks with a Scottish accent.

A video of the bot shows its creator introducing the doll which unexpectantly has been given what viewers of the clip say is ‘Glasgow uni’ accent.

The shows a viral snippet from the boss of the firm explaining how the blonde-haired robot works.

It shows CEO Matt McMullen of Realbotix going through the motions and talking would-be customers through the functions of hi-tech mannequin, known as Harmony 2.1, which can be instructed from a tablet.

GlasgowLive reports the video is titled “the first sex robots are about to hit the market”

Astonishingly after being posted online, the video has racked up nearly two million views.

CEO Matt McMullen of Realbotix with the robot

It shows the sex robot ‘come to life’ to utter the words’ I’m glad you came back so fast baby, 10 minutes without you seems like an eternity’.

Another responded: “American sex dolls with a Glasgow uni accent who woulda thought it”.

And a third tweeted: “Sounds like she goes to Glasgow Uni”.

Others have pointed out that the sex robot sounds like the automated voice that greets passengers using trains heading for Glasgow Central station.

One person tweeted: “Why’d they give her that accent. The next train at platform 1 will be – the – 12.15 – to – Glasgow Central “.

The robot’s bizarre Glasgow accent amused those who watched the video

Joining them was another who shared the video with the caption: “The next stop is, glasgow central, where this train terminates.”

And a fellow Glaswegian did likewise, tweeting: “The next stop is… Glasgow Central Low Level.”

In 2018 The Mirror told how sex robots may turn down steamy romps if they are not in the mood.

In the not too distant future, you could cuddle up to your cyber sex goddess – only to receive the automated response saying she has a head ache.

Love robots have been invented with the intelligence to go on strike – and shut down completely if pestered when not in the mood.

Sexbot Samantha’s ability to say “no” was demonstrated to an audience of stunned academics at one of the UK’s leading science villages.

The robot has sensors hidden under her skin, so she can respond to affection like a real-life human.

But she also has a revolutionary electronic brain which puts her in charge in the bedroom.

A micro-computer inside her plastic skull can also remember previous “interactions” with her “employer” to improve future experiences.

She can also be switched between “family”, “romantic” and “sex” settings including an ultra-raunchy “extra naughty” level depending what you had in mind for the evening.

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